Ink Drawing course

Every Sunday

In Berlin


are you a beginner & didn’t draw often ?
you feel like doing art with other people?
this workshop is for you : )
relax and avoid anxiety and overthinking – because drawing with ink is very satisfying.We will explore a beautiful part of your personality, live childhood memories, you ll be motivated to draw or paint with ink and learn more techniques from lines and shapes using ink-brushes and pens.This workshop is mostly for beginners and different ages
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About this art course

This art course has more than 15 art lessons in the beginning that are personalized and every time adapted to the participants.
You can get more information about it during the lessons. The art lessons are given in English. German and Arabic are also possible.

What should you bring?

We provide all art materials.
Paper, ink, pencils, brushes, ink pens, rulers, etc.
Optionally, if you want, you can bring and use your materials.
It’s good to bring previously published works of yours to check them out (optionally).


choose between eventbrite or meetup  to get your ticket, click on the logo 

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Made by the most unique and talented artist. drawing with dynamic shapes and colors