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A hand drawing is also known as a freehand drawing. With the high art of hand drawing, handmade works of art are created without technical aids and using various techniques such as drawing, hatching, smudging, shading or erasing. Pencils, graphite pencils or charcoal are usually used to create hand drawings. In contrast to a digital image, the hand drawing is still associated with real craftsmanship and is based on the original artistic values of capturing the beauty of a moment in a special style.

We at MONAVINCI have dedicated ourselves to this true, authentic, sensual and still genuine art of hand drawing. Our goal is to bring people back to the true beauty of a handmade work of art. We have created the possibility of having an artist draw a personalized hand drawing based on your own template. We promise you that a hand drawing made with passion, dedication and attention to detail makes THE difference that you have to experience for yourself.