Ali Mahmnood


Hello, I’m Ali from Iraq. I always used to draw when I wasa 4-year-old child while watching cartoons. I drew the characters, which inspired me and made me understand life and emotions. I enjoyed magazines and comic books so much. I felt like I could learn everything through drawing, like seeing trees and flowers full of amazing colors. After I started learning art from different people and places—especially since I had an artistic family who were very supportive—pencil was my favorite material. Then I went deep into charcoal, ink, and oil painting, and each one plays a big part in my talent. So I believe that art is inside all of us ; we just need to turn it on forever.


 “One of the things I love doing most as a painter is sketching and I do it often and everywhere. I carry a sketchbook with me so that I can draw people or places or even capture special moments to remember. Drawing is not just lines that bend on paper, but rather a moment of life to document, a combination of pure artistic sense and creativity.”

Film making


When it comes to art, you don’t need to speak the same language or share the same cultural background. All you need is a vision and a common passion. “Waukee“ is a short film created by artists from Iraq and Germany that all met in 2016 at a refugee shelter in Bruchsal, Germany. What started out as a simple idea quickly grew into a fun project that allowed creative minds to come together and develop something special and unique. It’s an amusing little story far away from politics which is simply designed to put a smile on everyone’s face. The idea behind the movie: Imagine you have to leave your home and everything you know behind. Imagine you live with hundreds of strangers in a tiny space. Imagine you’re torn between being grateful for the shelter and frightened about what lays ahead. And now imagine there’s a place where you can find distraction from all of this with people that make you feel welcome. This is the amazing work that the non-profit organisation “Praktisches Miteinander e.V.“ has done over the past few years including education, socialising, handicrafts, cultural exchange and arts. “Waukee“ is just one of many inspiring projects generated by this organisation. It was only possible due to the hard and compassionate work of everyone involved and thanks to generous donations.

Make art, not war.


spreading art words in public

When I start talking about art, I feel that I am in my favorite environment. I find words quickly and describe colors accurately. I am happy to always encourage young people to do art, and I never skimp on sharing my information with those who deserve it.

Ali Mahmood